At SuperLab.TV we're building Internet of Things (IoT) learning platforms called Dr.Frankenstein's Dream Machines. Our open-source platforms provide students, engineers and designers an opportunity to learn about micro-controllers, sensors and advanced communication techniques; all within a small, self-contained platform.

Model 3 - Communications Platform


Model 2 - Temperature Monitoring

Model 3 Model 2

Model 3: Raspberry Pi and monitor, "floating" Altec Life Jacket Bluetooth speaker, Magic Jack "old school" ip telephone, pico wall projector, 7-port USB hub, Adafruit luminescent lighting, swivel base. Coming enhancements: Intel Galileo and Edison boards + Arduino seismometer and cell phone.

Model 2 focuses on temperature sensors. This unit has a Raspberry Pi submerged in mineral oil. An ioBridge Gateway allows remote monitoring and control of a SparkFun air pump which can force cool air into the mineral oil to lower the temperature.

Model 1 - Vibration Monitoring


Model 4 - IoT Moon Cactus

Model 1 focuses on vibration sensors. This unit incorporates an Arduino cellphone shield, accelerometer, geophone and an electric guitar pickup to demonstrate real time vibration monitoring with a graphical LCD (GLCD) and data logging to an SD card. Click image above to see build instructions and start building yours!

In-Home Workbench


Indoor Solar Workbench

Dr. Frankenstein's Learning Platform starts with a Fitness Gear Weight Lifting Rack. Weight lifting racks are perfect structures for setting up a solid platform.

Indoor Lab Platform integrated with a Harbor Freight crane.
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